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The British weather is notoriously unpredictable. UK Sandbags will be able to help you protect your home or business no matter what the weather conditions throw at us.

We provide a select product range of sand bags, bungs and other flood defence products to ensure you have what you need, when, or better still – before you need them.

We offer pre-filled sand bags for sale in shipments of 50 sandbags, available in either white or black plastic finish, as well as traditional hessian. Pre-filled sandbags weigh approximately 15kg and are our most cost effective form of flood defence.

Our wildly popular self-inflating sandbags are also available. Purchase our “homeowner pack” and you’ll have everything you need to defend your home against the waters. Perfect for those who are low on storage space. The super absorbent polymer self-inflates once submerged in water, until then they remain compact and easy to store.


Our sandbags are available for sale with fast and efficient shipment. Plus all orders over £50.00 will receive free delivery.

For any queries on the sandbags or other flood defence products get in touch on: 01977 232024 or 07976 299420 for out of hours sales.